Sample edit

A sample edit is an excellent way for an author/publisher to assess an editor, and I strongly encourage anyone to do that before making the critical choice of whom you entrust your manuscript to.

I provide a composite development + copy sample edit on a 3000 words sample for a fee of 55€.
If we subsequently agree that I will edit your full manuscript this amount is deducted from the price of that.

I’ve also had authors on a very tight budget who want to use this service for two other purposes:
1) Polishing their first ten pages to submit to agents.
2) Using a limited amount of editor feedback to get a handle on issues with their writing style.
I’m absolutely fine with this service being used in either of those ways. Booking a test edit does not in any way commit you to booking a full manuscript edit, so if you want to use this editing service for one of these purposes please just let me know upfront.

To book a sample edit please get in touch using the contact page.

Note: you can book this same option, at the same price, via , for which I work as an editor.